Thursday, 1 December 2011

Alive and kicking

Well, that could've been a lot worse.

I've got a hole in my head, I'm wearing a fetching pair of Moll Flanders toeless stockings, and I have a drain up my knob. But I feel pretty good, all things considered.

Obviously, I've had quite a lot of morphine today, which might have something to do with that. And which might also, incidentally, mean I'm writing utter nonsense, or at least moreso than usual. But I've just been told I can charge ahead and just use my phone, which means wi-fi for the Android tablet, which means an update here. Hot off the hospital bed.

I'm guessing c. diff is one infection you can't spread over the internet.

The early start and lack of caffeine aside, today has gone about as well as can be expected. I was first on the list since there didn't seem to be any immediate-priority Wednesday night casual hammerings to compete with, so I was in surgery by 9am, pausing only to be knocked unconscious on the way. By lunchtime I was waking up gently with a less painful head than on the average Sunday morning in my twenties, but with a nice man offering me morphine anyway.

Later on, my heroic neurosurgeon popped past to mention that she'd found something which was probably a tumour, whipped out all that she could see of it, and got the lid back on without incident. Apparently also without later finding any bits she'd left out, which is what tends to happen when I dismantle stuff.

So I'm fine: cheerful, wired in both the techie and chemical senses, and well fed and coffeed thanks to Clare's thoughtful ministrations. And, I'm hoping, completely de-lumped; although we won't really know that for a while.

Thanks to everyone who has sent messages of support, and to those who also sent prayers, the option to send money instead is still open.


  1. Get well soon, Graeme. Glad to see it went well.

  2. Glad to hear this Graeme. All the very best, Diana.

  3. Best wishes for a swift recovery, Graeme!

  4. Good to hear. Get some decent industrial strength pain-killers and we'll have a party when you get home! ;)

  5. Good news. We'll be back in the boozer in no time...